OryCon 33

Nov. 14th, 2011 01:36 pm
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I went to OryCon 33 over the weekend. I'm always so tired and out of social interaction points by the time I get done with a con that I never get con reports typed up. I'm making myself get one written up this time because I do enjoy reading everyone else's.

As per usual, I mostly spent time hanging out in the filk room with some excursions to other tracks during breaks in the filk programming or when something looked particularly interesting. This is also a commuter con for me, which makes it harder for me to get to morning stuff because I sleep in and eat a big meal at home before I go to the con each day.

Friday (includes stats on the Friday bardic circle) )

Saturday )

Sunday )

Personal observations/what worked and didn't work about how I managed the con )

So anyway, that was OryCon. As with every year, I have moments when I wonder why I keep doing this to myself and other moments when I remember why I keep coming back. I've already bought my membership for next year, and this year I also offered to volunteer before, but not during, the con (with my anxiety I don't want to commit in advance to doing anything in particular during the con so I can adjust my con schedule as needed if I'm having a day when I can't handle much). We'll see if they take me up on that.

Next up: possible December housefilk at my dad's place in Aloha (I'm not sure that there's enough interest, so I need to put out a few more feelers before committing) and then Conflikt in January.


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