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I had a job interview over an hour's travel time from my apartment today and a concert I was supposed to go to tonight (but had the wrong time for, which I only realized when I saw the sign on the door), so this'll be another fragment (apparently, announcing an Internet Project is a good way to make your Real Life busy, which I will keep in mind against future needs).

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Folks, I had a major case of Real Life come crashing down on me today (nothing worrisome, just family stuff that belongs in a locked post rather than this one), so this'll be a fragment only.

Filk Advent Calendar, Day Three )
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I went to Orycon for the 4th year this year, and I've realized that it's past time that I start actually writing filk songs rather than making vague mutterings about doing so someday. Thus, I have decided to do a Filk Advent Calendar. Every day from now until Christmas eve, I am going to write SOMETHING that could be at least part of a filk song, probably to the tune of a Christmas carol, and post it here. If I go out of town, I'll probably either post them before I leave or after I get back since I have a cell phone so old that it actually makes phone calls.

Most of these songs will not be of very high quality or at all likely to be performed. The main idea is to get me working on (a) scansion and (b) writing something the heck down.

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