Daily Happiness

Apr. 29th, 2017 01:59 am
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1. I get to sleep in three days in a row!

2. I had to fire someone today, which was unpleasant, and just generally made the day really emotionally draining, since it was on my mind all day leading up to it. But at least now it's over. And hopefully the store will be a more pleasant environment with them gone.

3. I finished up some more manga tonight, so it looks like I will manage to squeeze in one more chapter to post before the end of the month for sure. (And maybe another if the typesetter gets back to me.)

4. Look how big this Jasper is getting! He's six months old today.

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ITTD Today is the geekiest holiday in the world: International Tabletop Day

No matter what your flavor of tabletop, be it RPGs, card games, board game, miniature games, or anything you can imagine, this is a great day to get out and play! To be fair, every day is a great day to play more games, but this day in particular is an absolute blast. If you have a friendly local game store, you owe it to yourself to head down and play some games. Since the first event back in 2013, I've met so many gamers through International Tabletop Day that I can't even keep count. Crowds aren't for everyone, but if you can brave the herd, I strongly suggest attending your local events. You can usually find someone ready to play just about any game you want, and you can even introduce new players to one of your favorites. Last year I showed a group Simon's Cat Card Game, then introduced them to Betrayal at House on the Hill from Avalon Hill; two of my all-time favorites!

Whether you choose to celebrate at your FLGS, in your living room, or otherwise, when you play our games, share a picture on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with #PlaySJGames, and you'll be entered to win a prize pack! If you're in the Austin area, I'll be visiting some local establishments, Dragon's Lair and Wonko's Toys and Games, with demo games and promos in tow! I'm like Santa Claus, and this is nerd Christmas!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, I hope you have fun on International Tabletop Day! 

Hunter Shelburne

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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read.

The Saga of the Hall Light

Apr. 28th, 2017 12:27 pm
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So, last night, we came home at, I dunno, 9:30 or so, turned on the hall light as we came in--and it flickered and then went out. Light was dead.

So naturally, I decided to try to change the light.

For a bit of background, we moved into our current place 14 months ago (or so), and it has 9-10.5 foot ceilings.

So...the first question was whether we had a ladder tall enough to hit the lights. It turns out that our normal 6-foot ladder, standing on the highest safe step (ie, the one made of hard plastic), I can -just- reach the ceiling, and thus have enough height to -just- change the bulb. So with bravery-aplenty, and not much forethought, I started doing just that.

The first problem I ran into was that I couldn't figure out how to remove the cover. I didn't take pictures, but our hall light consists of a metal plate, with a big glass bulb on the bottom--with no knobs, dials, or screws in evidence. Of course, I tried turning the bulb in different directions, but when I did, the whole thing twisted (against the wall). So...after much struggling (but not even -close- to the amount that happened later), I eventually had the whole lamp hanging from three wires, each spliced using plastic wire nuts. With this as my starting state, I decided (this was one of the correct decisions involved in this whole process) to just remove the lamp entirely and figure out how to remove the glass cover once it was safely on the ground, and did so -- carefully removing the huge disc of fiberglass foam that had been lodged behind/above the lamp.

Of course, [personal profile] drcpunk attempted to make sure the light switch was off (and to be sure, also that the dimmer switch was on the lowest setting, since with the bulbs out there was no way to be sure the swich was Actually Off unless we'd marked the on and off sides, which we hadn't.

As it turned out, the glass cover -was- easily removable, by twisting it counter-clockwise and lifting it (or letting it fall, when it was on the ceiling). However, since the lamp was attached to the ceiling by two screws, which were locked in place by...twisting the lamp counter-clockwise...this was no easy feat to do without dislodging it from the ceiling.

Now it was time to wire the lamp up and put it back onto the ceiling.

As it turned out, this was a bit more difficult than I might have anticipated.

First, of course, there was the matter of wiring up the three wires -- positive, negative (whichever was which; they were, strangely for the slipshot manner the entire thing was constructed, pretty well color coded), and a very clear ground wire connected to the body of the lamp and unlike the others, uninsulated. The first charged wire went fine; the second had the complication that on first touch, I could tell it was live (with one wire connected, this was noticable; presumably the circuit needed to be nearly complete for it to matter, since I wasn't about to short out the circuit by touching the charged wires as a test; I guesss I could have used a light bulb), without getting more than a tickle of electricity (thank you, self-installed dimmer switch), and got Lisa to turn off the light. After that, the second wire nut went on just fine.

But the third wire? The one that had a ceiling wire connected to the uninsulated wire from the lamp? Well, that one was a bit more complicated. It seems that that combination of wires was quite a bit shorter than the other wires, so I needed to hold the lamp up higher to screw it on, which complicated a one-handed attachment between two very unlike wires that would -not- line up, and there were several false starts and offers from [personal profile] drcpunk to "help" by providing more light (useful, mostly) and provide a book to stand on on the ladder (very much -not- useful; I did not need some way to make it more likely that I'd fall of the ladder and get seriously hurt). But eventually I was able to attach the third connection. It was now time to re-attach the lamp to the ceiling. Also, my arms were very tired.

This was where the trouble really started.

The problem was that it was impossible. The two screws the lamp twisted on to were just long enough to enter the holes, but they were in a cradle that wasn't firmly anchored on its own (although it was firmly-enough attached to the ceiling), so they'd sway and rock and slide as you tried to tactically push the lamp into them. Plus, it was super clear from how the lamp left the ceiling in the first place that those screws needed to be tighter than they started or it wouldn't stay up. I did try borrowing a mirror to see what I was doing, but this was useless; the lamp body blocked out any sight of what was going on, and the result was my arms getting even more tired but nothing getting done.

Eventually -- and I do mean eventually, it occurred to me the screw holes were plainly visible and accessible when the cover of the lamp was off and the bulbs removed. So (with a rest for a minute or so since the lamp could hang from the three wires--well, one wire, really, since the ground was so much shorter than the others, and without the glass cover on, without a -real- risk of something tearing and there being broken glass all over the floor), I got to work. This wasn't as simple as I'd hoped; there was a -lot- of screw, so it took a while to extend the screws, although I could do it by hand, and once I'd done so, one of them went through (and was able to twist in place, making it -much- easier to take periodic rests without fear of something going wrong), but I think the screws were a touch too narrow for their holes; not enough not to lock, but enough that they were at slightly different angles. So I tried to find the other one to no avail for a while, with much gnashing of teeth; involving another rest, and eventually returned, extended the loose screw enough to put the lamp on that one -first-, and was then able to lock it to both.

Of course, with this much standing on a ladder with my arms over my head, I -really- needed a rest, but there was much more to do--still, I thought if we could, we should really find the electric screwdriver rather than spending many minutes turning the fully extended drivers back to the point where things were nicely locked down. Which involved looking through the tool shelf (I should really get rid of useless stuff and compact that down to a tool case plus maybe an appliance or two) fruitlessly, then a few other places we sometimes put tools, then [personal profile] drcpunk suggested it might be in one of the chair-stools we put things in when we had a housefilk, so she resolved to look in the easier one and I looked through the harder one in the corner (where it wasn't), but there were keyboard ephemera on top of the "easier" one, so [personal profile] drcpunk declined to try to figure out how to move it; eventually I finished up with the far box, opened the nearer one, and...there it was. And my arms weren't quite as tired either.

So I used the electric (it's kinda amazing how much better simple battery powered motors are at turning screws than muscle power, really; we're super good at big motions, but simple tiny motions tire us out nearly as much and we're much less efficient and fast with them) and was able to lock down the lamp nicely, put the bulbs back in (tested them, because you always test them), swapped the dead bulb that had somehow got among the live bulbs and replaced it, and put the glass cover back on, twisting it in place. All good.

At which point, the entire lamp twisted, and came loose from the ceiling again. And I saw a golden wire peeking out, indicating that the ground wire (which, you'll recall, was shorter than the others) had finally snapped under the strain.

So, -much- faster than anything else went, I removed the cover and the bulbs, tried to loosen the screw that had attached the ground wire to the lamp (and failed) and decided to just tie it to one of the loops hanging up from the base of the lamp instead (metal be metal, for ground), took cardboard lying around and made -shims-, loosened the screws on the ceiling and put the lamp on them and then tightened them again (this time all with the electric so it went fast), shimed the screw holes so the lamp wouldn't twist off them without the shims being removed,, put the bulbs back into the lamp, tested the lamp (and determined that one of the bulbs was a cfc didn't work great with the dimmer switch, flickering like mad when it was dim, so swapped it out for a cfc that was fine with our dimmer), put the glass bulb back on, and -now- were done. Only, oh, an hour and a half after I started trying to change a light bulb.

Daily Happiness

Apr. 28th, 2017 01:59 am
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1. I posted manga! Might get another chapter or two posted before the end of the month, but if not I've at least gotten seven chapters posted this month, which is not bad for as distracted by Zelda as I've been. :p

2. Speaking of Zelda, I didn't play much today, but I did do a bit more exploring in the mountains around Hebra Tower and found two more shrines. I think I'm going to leave off any more exploring there until I get those snow boots, though. It's just such a pain to move so slowly in the snow...

And then I went to turn in some gourmet meat to that guy to finish up a quest and suddenly started to get a blood moon. As soon as I saw the signs, I immediately transported to the shrine at the top of Mount Satori or whatever its called and then flew down to Washu's Bluff and this time I made it in time and finished that shrine quest! (I tried it once before, but landed literally right as the blood moon phase passed and the platform light blinked out.)

I also had enough bits and bobs of Guardians to buy one piece of the ancient armor! I need to kill some more Guardians, though, because now I need a ton more parts. :(

3. Tomorrow is Alexander's birthday, so we went out for karaoke and dinner today. We went to Jollibee, which is a Filipino fast food chain. Everything was delicious, but the peach mango pies were especially good. And the halo-halo. It's a good thing it's not very close by, otherwise I'd be going there for dessert way too often. -_-

4. Carla got some cute pics of sleepy Chloe tonight.

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Munchkin Cthulhu Game Day Tentacles . . . why'd it have to be tentacles?! Because it's Munchkin Cthulhu Game Day! 

Visit a participating friendly local game store on the weekend of May 13 (see store for event date and time) to play Munchkin with other cultists . . . I mean, gamers! Stores were given free kits packed with Munchkin Cthulhu swag like exclusive bookmarks, new Cthulhu promos, a poster, and even a demo game! With all that free loot, you'll be trashing Old Ones in no time.

On the weekend of the event, if you post a pic of yourself playing Munchkin Cthulhu on social media and tag it with #PlayMunchkin, you'll be entered to win a sweet Cthulhu-themed prize pack! Make sure you tag your store as well, so they'll be entered to win something special, too! Cthulhu is feeling quite generous.

So make your way to a participating retailer on the weekend of May 13 and play Munchkin Cthulhu! The fate of the world may very well depend on it.

2nd & Charles - Birmingham
2nd & Charles - Dothan
Rogue Merchant Games - Huntsville
Bosco's - Anchorage
Gateway Games - Ketchikan
Stage 2 Games - Cabot
The Gamer Utopia - Rogers
Game On - Prescott
Paladins Game Castle - Bakersfield
Nugames Eureka - Eureka
Brookhurst Hobbies - Garden Grove
The Game Chest - Mission Viejo
Empire Collectibles - San Diego
Gator Games & Hobby - San Mateo
Isle of Gamers - Santa Clara
Black and Read - Arvada
2nd & Charles - Aurora
2nd & Charles - Broomfield
Total Escape Games - Broomfield
2nd & Charles - Newark
Heroes Landing - Clermont
2nd & Charles - Gainesville
Mega Gaming and Comics - Gainesville
House Rules Gaming - Kissimmee
Gods & Monsters - Orlando
Cloak and Dagger Comics - Ormond Beach
Kitchen Table Games - Saint Petersburg
Serenity Games - Seminole
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Tyche's Games - Athens
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Quest Comic Shop - Carrollton
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All About Games! - Meridian
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Reader Copies - Anderson
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The Sages Shoppe - West Lafayette
The Traveling Gamer - Walkerton
Hometown Games - Lawrence
Goblin Games - Manhattan
Hobby Town - Bowling Green
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New England Comics - New Bedford

Game On - Augusta
Crossroad Games - Standish
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Capital City's Game Emporium - Jefferson City
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North Carolina
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West Virginia
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West Virginia
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Hunter Shelburne

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